The ladder.

26 Sep 2015

I've been reflecting on Mary's amazing blog from a couple of days ago and the sense of kidnap that takes place for many of us. I too was happily skipping along, creating my life, writing blogs, supporting people around me, being a bright light for my son and an inspiration to my friends when WHAM. BAM. Thank you mam. Here I go, down the hole.

It could be a hormonal issue, it could be weather, it could be a thought that popped up that I mistakenly followed and it led me down a dead end. I don't know. Right now, I don't care I just want to get out!

Mary got it spot on when she said she knows what she needs at times like this, she knows her own strategies of self-care. And I thought: what are mine? So I created a list and am acting on it; little steps of action through the pain.

My ladder:

· Get outside. Every day. Run if I can.

· Eat well: no sugar, alcohol or caffeine.

· See (a carefully selected!) set of friends. One a day. Or call someone if going out is too much. Social contact is so important.

· Write, write and write.

· Meditate or do some gentle yoga.

· Help someone. Do a nice thing for another person.

· Learning. I read/listen to a lot of self-help and inspiring books.

· Write my Proud List – even the tiny things count – the brain needs five positive thoughts for every negative one to even things out.

· Write a gratitude list – as long as possible and even if it feels forced it's training my brain to swing towards the positive.

· Care for myself – have a bath, gets lots of sleep, be gentle and kind and treat myself like I would a treasured friend.

I hope some of these help you too and I'd love to hear what's on your ladder. Even if you can't get up every rung today which are the ones at the bottom that can help you to start the climb?

With love and light

Debs xxxx

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