The Man Who Fell From Earth.

13 Jan 2016

And so we woke Monday morning to the shocking news that David Bowie has left the earth. The Starman has travelled back up and into the sky.

It doesn't matter whether or not you are a fan, I think even those who have not counted him amongst their treasures are respectful of his legacy. There are not many who can touch lives across a huge spectrum of generations, tastes and continents and be respected for that old fashioned thing of being a good, understated, dignified human.

And how does his untimely departure meet with our usual daily connection together?

Well, I find it's where social media comes into its own, grows up, and teaches us that people are loving. Dipping into the tributes to hear individual stories from the everyday man and the everyday famous, brings a warmth and a kinship that can be lacking in daily life.

Even if Twitter or Facebook is not part of your life, you can still access these sites and the pages that are 'open', for example BBC Radio, or just search along the lines of "tributes to Bowie". Having a shuffle around, you will find all manner of people saying all manner of things and supporting each other independently through stories, art, experiences. I've seen slices of bread decorated with his face and 'that' zigzag in cream cheese (exceptionally good art too!), I've seen beautiful photographs old and new, I've seen concert tickets to see him costing £1.50 (oh how my purse laughed), I've read grown men expressing their shock at their own tears and I've read stories about the quiet man that have warmed my heart.

In essence, it tells us that the warmth and support we often believe only exists here in Moodscope Towers, also does really exist out there too. And that is a great thing to see and learn from.

In this world where stories of sadness and suffering are frequent and can graze our sensitive souls, there is still much to be proud of in our fellow humans. Never is it more evident than when a loss is shared by many. And that is a great thing to see and learn from. Much like our dearly departed good, respected, understated and dignified, David Jones. Too good to keep to one galaxy.

Love from

The room above the garage (gazing up at the stars).

A Moodscope member.

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