The Modern Day CV.

5 Nov 2015

All too often we see the Curriculum Vitae as the definitive statements of who we are.

Our past education, qualifications and experience.

It's all about our past and a narrow ability to remember facts, which is all IQ really is.

The IQ test was created in 1905 by Alfred Binet to determine those in society that required help rather than ridicule and incarceration. Unfortunately it became used for the very opposite reason, to identify those that money and education should not be wasted upon!

We are now the most in-debt, obese, medicated and addicted adults in human history, so IQ is clearly only part of the answer.

Today CVs are the prime 'measurement' of our ability to do a job – hence why many are 'made up' and often contain 'mis-truths'.

In recent years I have come more and more to see that there is another form of CV which far more greatly determines someone who feels not only good to be around, but who is by their very character, helping society.

I call this ability Confident Vulnerability - the modern CV.

During my times working in organisations, I have come to see that people who are comfortable to show their weaknesses, make it safe for others to say what they truly think and feel.

It was Simon Sinek who stated that when a leader makes people feel safe, everyone becomes selfless.

Needless to say the converse is also true, when the boss seeks and displays supposed perfection and we need to be 'right' rather than human, everyone then becomes selfish.

Many of us have worked in teams and organisations where it does not feel 'safe' to be ourselves and so, as humans genetically driven to protect ourselves in danger, we alter our behaviour to protect 'me' not we. So while we maybe are in a team, it's really a team of one!

Much of mental ill health is due to the workplace and the mismatch of our own values to that of the organisation. The more diverse, the more stress.

If you are struggling in life, seek out those with the healing CV – those who are Confidently Vulnerable.

These are people who will share real life with you with all its warts and not 'tell' you what to do, but share how they feel. They will share their concerns while also being strong enough to respect their own and your boundaries.

If you wish to grow a group of friends who will be compassionate, supportive and honest about what is real to them - their feelings (not the supposed IQ facts) watch for those who can be Confidently Vulnerable.

The old IQ CV looks backward with facts.

The new EQ CV looks forwards with the real facts – your feelings.


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