The power of intention.

28 Jul 2013

I love to exercise with Elise Gulan. Not in person, alas, but to her ballet conditioning DVD. It's a fabulous work-out, not just because I admire the graceful, strong limbs of a ballet dancer but also because it's set in a beautiful, lush garden that sits alongside the Pacific Ocean. Clever location, very calming.

Don't fret, this isn't a reminder about exercise. Although c'mon now - you all know how it can lift our spirits.

Whilst talking us through an exercise which involves lifting our leg off the floor Elise says:

'It doesn't matter if our leg is one inch off the floor or fully extended. The power and the work comes from the intention of lifting the leg. Our flexibility will build with practice. Eventually, the energy will translate from the mind to the body.'

This morsel for the mind gives me hope. It's a reminder of how powerful the connection is between the mind and the body. On my bad days then, when my energy levels are low and my mood score has slumped, I can try to reassure myself that my intention to be well and happy holds no less power than on my good days.

So, if life seems all too much just now, and our many worthy intentions (oh if only others could see all the good intentions we have), and admirable goals seem a tad out of reach, that's ok. know the wise words of Elise Gulan are chiefly concerning exercise but we must surely be able to apply it to the intentions we hold in our mind also. As Elise says, whatever we can manage today 'is beautiful because it is the honest expression of where you'

Even if it's only managing to brush your teeth this day, be gentle with yourself. Please? It's temporary. It will pass. Don't underestimate the power of the intention to be well.

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