The seven Habits of Happiness

4 Oct 2020

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Why not the 7 Habits of Happy People, after all, that's far more "Covey"? That would’ve worked too, but I like the thought of “Happiness” as a person.

In Ancient times, “Wisdom” is described as the most attractive and desirable woman, and thus I think Happiness must surely be her rather radiant sister. In fact, Wisdom is the MOST desirable of Women but I have to say Happiness, her sister, is far more fun!

Today begins a series on the 7 Habits, timed fortuitously to be initially published just before World Mental Health Day on October 10th.

Let’s begin with an outline of her character. The 7 Habits are:

- Rest

- Health

- Gratitude

- Attitude

- Aptitude

- Contribution

- Connection

At first, it surprised me to learn that Happiness begins with “Rest”. Then I thought back to the children when they were each very young, a tired toddler is rarely a happy toddler! We still have our Inner Toddler, don’t we? Do you get cranky when you’re tired?

I’m writing this on my favourite day of the week: Saturday. This, for me, is my “Sabbath Rest”. I’m looking forward to a day where I will rest and play! There are strong winds blowing across the UK and I hope to stay indoors most of the day and compose! I will be Happy!

Taking one day away or aside each week where ‘play’ and ‘rest’ are the themes, is essential for developing a sense of rhythm at the moment. Otherwise, all days seem relatively the same now that I’ve been robbed of Church (Zoom Church is NOT for me!)

Every day, I have a series of Micro-Sabbaths too which I call, “FABs” – firstly, because they are fab and secondly, because it’s an initialism standing for, “Fluid Adjustment Breaks”!

If you are a fan of the Pomodoro Technique, you’ll be used to a shift every 25 minutes. I’m old-school and, like my old school, I have a micro-break every 45 minutes. I find that when I look after the Minutes like this, I stay energetic and the hours magically look after themselves.

Let me close this first session with some exciting Biology. You were NOT designed to sit still! Our lymphatic system is partially-pumped by movement. Sit still and your system will have more issues getting rid of toxins than it needs to. Physical Fidget FABs enable our bodies to flush out the toxins more effectively and efficiently – especially if you top up the tank with water! With many more of us working from home or under effective house arrest, moving every 45 minutes is an issue of health and happiness.

Some very poorly kept secrets to a happy and restful home-working environment are attention to posture, light, air, sound, and scent. In short, get a table that you can stand at from time to time, an ergonomic chair, natural light, fresh air, harmonious sound, and ‘clean’ scents such as a blend of Rosemary, Lavender, Citrus, and Eucalyptus.

Next time: Health and Happiness.

"Until then, keep moving... and have a rest!"


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