There is always a way forward

15 May 2019

So, this time a year ago I was being made redundant. I felt sorry for the guy who'd made a career of coming into companies and telling folk they were losing their jobs. I mean, who can choose that as a career path, and go home pleased with their day's work? Wonder what targets they get set?

It seems to be part of the professional HR world that I find dominates business. Smaller companies that would once have had no truck with this world, now seem to be taken over by their hurried upsweep to conform.

Of course, it does all have to be done. I struggled to adapt and change. From when we could joke at work and everyone had a light hearted banter, that seems to have passed and the snowflake culture is well and truly embraced.

I found myself reported to HR for swearing. I wasn't swearing at anyone, I was letting off steam at a situation that had arisen, but was overheard. That one person was offended and I went through the full disciplinary procedure. I was utterly humiliated by the crass way I was dealt with, and the circumstances I found myself in. That night I tried to take my own life.

To their eternal credit, the company did pay for counselling, and quickly we identified the issues. And you don't need to be a rocket scientist to guess that the problem was work. We didn't get on any more.

I struggled on for another year or so, up and down on medication, funny how I didn't change, but everyone else seemed much nicer! Fast forward and I was actually pleased to be made redundant. Yes, I was worried about work, money and everything. But deep down, I was so much happier without that stress of a job that no longer worked for me. Within a month I took the decision to stop my meds, and I haven't touched them in nearly a year.

So what is the message? I started out again as a self-employed consultant and yes, I do worry sometimes, but not in the same way. I used to scream at Moodscope when it said "Don't forget, you have the power to get yourself out of this." I used to think that was soooo wrong, and if I had the power, do you think I would be there?! I'm sorry Caroline for messaging you when I was struggling with that concept.

But now I can see that I have managed to get myself out of that situation, that I am now better. For me, it's been removing that which caused me harm.

So there is good in bad. There is always a way forward. I realise my ramble may not help everybody, I often used to read posts and go "Right..", but for me it was finally identifying what was causing the issue and then finding a way round it.

Maybe that is the message here? It's a first ever post, be kind!

With best wishes,


A Moodscope member.

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