There's a submarine in my consciousness.

21 Nov 2016

Have you ever felt you've been living in the wrong world?

Have you ever felt like a stranger in a strange land, or even a fish out of water?

Well there's a great reason for that! You are!

You've got an Atomic Sub sailing through your consciousness, but beneath the level of awareness. This is why I prefer the description 'subconscious' to 'unconscious' - though I see the value in both.

This Atomic Sub - literally comprising of atoms clustered into molecules that are chemical messengers influencing your behaviour - this Atomic Sub, called your 'Subconscious Mind' is packing a payload, and it's not you with the finger on the trigger.

Have you ever 'over-reacted'? Have you ever felt emotionally overwhelmed without knowing why? Now you know who it is - it is the Captain of the Sub 'Conscious'!

Fear not. Whilst you may not technically be in control. The Captain and Crew of the Sub 'Conscious' still need to come up for air. And they are available for missions - to the highest payer, of course. Yes, they are mercenaries.

Their favourite currency is the gold of 'Attention'.

You can programme your Sub 'Conscious' by giving it Air Time. You can also listen to its signals when it is working in the unseen, and you can listen to it directly using many of the techniques championed in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

But hear this. Your Sub 'Conscious' and its crew will have unresolved issues. These will never go away. They need to be heard and dealt with. I'm a huge fan of books - I think you can breakthrough with a book, but not in this area. This is something you need to deal with physically, interactively, energetically.

Tad James has helped thousands resolve disputes between their above surface conscious mind and their below surface subconscious. The most impactful practitioner I have witnessed and experienced is Luke Hawkins, an Australian NLP Coach with the most energetic approach I have seen since Tony Robbins.

The bottom line - or the bottom of the Ocean of Consciousness - is this:

If you are not getting exactly what you want - the issue is not outside of yourself, it's 'below' yourself... down there in the Sub 'Conscious'

You need alignment of mission, intent and purpose

A Bigger, Better World

So, you see (though not always), you are in the wrong world. Because, in fact, the oceans of unconsciousness that the Sub 'Conscious' sails in are far deeper, wider, broader than the tiny bit of the Conscious Realm you think you inhabit. Your time and my time would be far better spent making peace with our subconscious and then working in alignment for our common good.

Hey, what was that?

Up periscope!


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