Thinking about thinking

17 May 2021

Yesterday I forgot to do something. And although I was a bit cross with myself, it was no biggie.


This is NOT how I would have responded years ago. 

Then I would have given myself a terrible time, calling myself every negative word I could come up with - and on a loop going round and round. I would have alarmed myself, scared myself, terrified that because of that error, all manner of other awful things would happen - lose my job, marriage, home etc.  I could "catastrophise for England".  


And I actually thought that was good in some peculiar, unhealthy way. I thought that driving myself hard and not allowing mistakes would make me better and make me less likely to make that mistake again.


What I actually achieved was a very severe mental illness.


As part of my recovery and ongoing wellbeing maintenance, I now check in with my thoughts a LOT. I realised the many errors of my ways. That was sooooo hard to do - your thoughts are second nature, often difficult to tease out and identify. Then you have to examine them and you need to invest in a lot of research and cut through a lot of nonsense to find what works, what actually works.

This could resonate with you, or you may know someone who is showing some of the many unhelpful thinking traps - just like me, a way of thinking that keeps them stuck, trapped, deluded, defensive etc


Often people need professional help with this. And everyone can access Talking Therapy without a referral in England.  The right help is worth the investment of time, effort and money if necessary.  Those thinking traps can be so painful and dangerous and difficult to see for what they are.


So - yesterday, just as I thought, when I forgot to do something, the sky did NOT fall down. What a better and more comfortable view of the world I now have! And so can you and your family, friends and clients. Change can be scary, but "do what you always did and you will get what you always got."


 Kind regards

Flea Magee

A Moodscope member.

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