Can you go 7 weeks, 7days, or even 7 hours without complaining?

7 Oct 2019

A few years ago I read about a challenge to go a week with out complaining. I thought this would be easy, as dear Moodscoper, you would know how kind and calm I am and you would never imagine I would ever complain! Alas it was a bit more complicated than that.

I realise that with the internet being readily available, everyone has a chance to voice their opinion which can lead to complaining which can become toxic.

I thought going seven days with no complaining, would be so easy, but then I talked to family and friends who thought I could not go an hour without complaining, imagine that!!

However I thought I would try for 24 hrs, as that would be easy to cope with. As well as trying to go 16 hrs, my waking hours, without complaining I had to make note of all the times I did complain.

I realised this was going to be harder than I thought when 20 mins in my partner said I had complained, but honestly I felt I had made an observation. Then we were arguing about what a complaint meant. I gave in and agreed it may have been seen as a complaint.

It did not go well for the other 15 hrs and 40 mins. I admitted to 7 complaints and there were another 8 complaints where the jury was still out.

My helpful feedback was seen as a complaint. I suppose if my comments are construed as a complaint then maybe I need to make changes or change my family and close friends.

I know for myself that the tendency to complain means maintaining a reasonable mood, and that can very difficult to do if you often are too self-critical.

While much has been written about how to reduce complaining, I would to like hear what Moodscopers experiences are.

Have you tried, or would you find it easy to go without complaining for 7 days?

Are you someone who realises they may complain a bit? How do you go about reucding your complaints? Or do you think it is healthy to complain?

Are you someone who never complains at all? If so what is your secret?


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