Three Friends of Friendship

3 Apr 2022

It’s a little after 6am. A friend comes to mind who I haven’t spoken to for months. I finish the morning rituals and power up the computer. There, from 6.30am is a message from my friend saying it would be great to catch up. Spooky.

One of my favourite concepts are the three forces that live forever: faith, hope, and love. Surely, these are three friends of friendship?


When you and I can convince a friend that we truly believe in them – especially at times when they may be doubting themselves – we can give them an enduring gift and lift. “I have every confidence in you,” is a powerful sentence when delivered with conviction.


To paint a positive picture of the future that exceeds a friend’s own vision (good or bad) is a second gift – one that can open possibilities that would otherwise remain closed. Everyone has unrealised potential. I’ve never met anyone who had exhausted their storehouse of potential, even if their potential is changing over the years. When Dr Martin Luther King Jr said, “I have a dream,” his dream was for generations and gave hope to multitudes. Hope is planting seeds for the future.


“What the World needs now…” Love fixes everything. Love takes the pain away. Love heals the past. Love enriches the present. To persuade your friends that you love them – and that you love them unconditionally – not based on how they ‘perform’ – is the greatest gift. Love says, “I’m glad you’re in my life.” Love says, “You matter to me.” Love declares, “The World is a better place because you are in it.”

Could what I’ve said act as a gentle nudge for us all? Is today the day to pick up the phone, or fire up Zoom, or get on a bus, in a car, on a train and to go and strengthen a friendship? Is today the day to send a card of appreciation and write words of kindness about how you believe in your friend, how you have high hopes for their future, and how you love them at all times?

I hope so. I believe it is. I’d love us to take action. These three last forever: faith, hope, and love… but the greatest of these is love.


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