Thumbs up!

27 Oct 2018

Thank you to the cyclist. You made my day. Really you did.

6am is a troubled time for me. Ask me then if I'd prefer snowdrops or marshmallows (two of the most gentle things I can think of right now) and I'll outline a case for death row. And I'm against the death penalty! The 6am me is a right old tough nut. Snarly. Despondent. Desperate. Depressed.

The 11am me can be more upbeat. Still depressed. Always, but in varying degrees and it is those I work with. The 11am me has been kneaded one hundred times and today was no exception. I'm a bit big on manners, even through depression. I growl (albeit internally) at doors un-held, shoulders bumped, a missing 'please' and look where 'thank you' once entered. I feel like an undercover agent when 'please' and 'thank you' and doors held are shared, and when eye contact and smiles are exchanged. Inside I nod the nod of togetherness and my heart swells.

Today I waited back in my car to let a cyclist through the traffic. He had been waiting patiently. He gave me a 'thumbs up' as he sped through. Top manners my friend. And you made my day.

We who are depressed, and we who feel depressed, can get such a lift from small things. And you Mr Cyclist lifted me. You have no idea. Thank you. I'll take one and pass it on. Seek out these little things, it really helps.

Love from

The room above the garage

A Moodscope member.

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