The A to Z Guide to Life - Letter "A"

7 Dec 2015

"A" reminds me of a new friend, Karen. Karen is known as "The Energiser Bunny".She's dynamic, electric and fun to be around. Of course, she runs on batteries! In her case AAA batteries.

These three 'A's can energise us too.

For me, they stand for "Awareness" and "Association" and "Action". There is a logical flow to this for me.

Firstly, we become aware. Aware of an opportunity. Aware of a new way of thinking. Aware of something that needs to change. And there, on many occasions, we can stop.

Of course, if you need three As for the battery to energise your bunny, and you've only got awareness, it's all going to go a bit flat, isn't it?

So what stops us? Well, a distant awareness, like watching something on a TV documentary or reading a self-help book, can remain dissociated - disconnected. It's like a thick glass screen between us and the change we want to be. We need to move through the glass and become deeply emotionally associated with the change we desire.

Like a modern-day "Alice Through The Looking Glass", the magic of an emotional attachment needs to give us motion - motion towards what we've become aware of.

We need positive associations with what the change would mean to us. And that meaning needs to mean more than staying in the state we are in at the moment. Let's not resist emotion - as the right emotional association can become energy in motion or energy for motion.

Let's imagine that we've become aware of a new way of thinking or behaving. We've added the energy of an emotional association to this. We're still in danger of fizzling out. We need the third A to make up our AAA.

The third and final A is Action. It is purposeful action, action directed by new awareness and positive associations with the desired result.

Nothing happens, no power flows, until we take action. Belief without corresponding action is ineffective.

Fancy powering up your energiser bunny today? Shift your awareness. Wrap it in positive associations with a better result - how your life will be better if you act on this new awareness. And take action.

I believe there is some awareness, some opportunity, that you've been meaning to act on. I think you even know what action you could take. What may be missing is a strong enough associated emotion to get your voltage flowing. Focus on the "Why" - the benefit of the change - and let's see what miracles can happen today.


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