To Whom It Might Offend...

8 Jan 2021

"There would be less offended people in the world if we brought back gun dualing," a bumper sticker said. While I wouldn't actually endorse such violence it was some pause for thought. People are sooooo offended these days. 

A counselor once told me:"we choose our thoughts, we choose our feelings, and we choose our behaviour as a result of those thoughts and feelings..."

So in plain words... to constantly pick offence is a conscious decision to play the role of a victim. (Very Insecure Child Trapped In Muck). Everything hurts, people do things to us specifically to hurt us... life happens to annoy and inconvenience us elite and OFFENDED souls. The last time I checked it takes no special effort for one imperfect human to violate another, yet there is such a thing as perception! 

Recently I refused to apologize for startling someone on a job who startled me just as much. I am a stickler for the truth and authenticity and I don't cater to the delusions of self importance of anyone.

Then I rescinded on my reserve and did utter an apology to someone who is habitually and perpetually ALWAYS offended with someone or something. I offered it with no intention of reconnection. And I worded it like this: "I am sorry for whatever I did or said that offended you." Not making myself wrong in the process... not offering anything more either. 

The world is full of people that need to get over themselves and realize it isn't all about them. There are over 7 billion of us...

My rearview sticker before I accidentally smashed my own car window days ago read:" if they chase you out of town act like you are leading the parade." And by the way the price for replacement of the glass is really offensive! 

The next slogan if not my business advertisement, will depict:"taking offence when there is none being given is petty theft."

When I was raising my children I wanted to discourage them using the phrase:"I am sorry," as some sort of a magic spell to relax the offended and then repeat the bad deed like a domestic abuser. I told them : "a real apology is followed by changed behaviour." 


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