Tom Cat

17 Feb 2020

We've been 'adopted' – or at least tolerated – by a local Tom Cat.

He's a bruiser.

He's also a proper Ginger Tom.

I call him 'George'.

George is teaching me much about people.

Firstly, he's is fiercely independent. Secondly, he's fickle. Yes, he'll purr one moment, and then the ears go back, and he'll biff you one or bite you. I suspect he's had a troubled journey so far. He's damaged goods.

Thing is, I love George.

He reminds me of me. One of my friends once told me I was like a Sullen Tiger (cool Kung Fu name, no?!) When I asked her to explain she said I was just like George... I'd rub myself round her legs sometimes, purring... Next minute, I'd claw her. I was, of course, offended!

But then again, I'm damaged goods.

I'm certain Bridget's insight to my own fickle nature has helped me cut George a lot of slack.

As a result of getting to know George, I'm learning about Belief, Expectation, and Unconditional Love.

Belief – I believe the best of him – even when the evidence points elsewhere.

Expectation – I expect nothing from him or of him.

Unconditional Love – he's a damaged soul that needs love – love that is independent of any required return on our investment!

I, too, am George.

You, too, might be George.

I wanted you to know that I'm learning to believe the best about you. I wanted you to be certain that I expect nothing from you or of you. You are great just the way you are. And I wanted you to be sure that, as far as I am able, I will 'love' you unconditionally.

After all, are you not worth even more than this beautiful cat?

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