Towards Mood Mastery

15 Feb 2021

Lex has provided us today with a reminder of how the Moodscope test can help everyone. I hope you have a chance to watch the video ("> or listen to the podcast. (">

The Moodscope Team

In my lifetime, in this country, my generation has enjoyed peace as the dominant state of the Nation. The majority of us have enjoyed prosperity beyond all generations before us, and we have experienced plenty. These are generalisations but useful ones.

Outwardly, we have peace and plenty, yet inwardly the majority still lack peace – leading, instead, what Thoreau described as lives of quiet desperation.

Moodscope is an instrument that points us towards Mood Mastery. The test can be accessed as often as we wish, and it scopes out how strong we are on 20 indicators of ‘Mood’. 10 are helpful in moving us towards Mood Mastery, and 10 will set us back on the path to inner peace.

In the video and audio version of this blog, I will walk through the 20 indicators in depth for the sake of those who have yet to discover the value of Moodscope and how it can help them.

In this blog, meant for existing members, I want to offer new hope. It is my personal hope that I am moving in the direction of Emotional Mastery, that I will finish my life’s journey in better emotional health than at any other time in my experience. I can imagine this like a huge arrow pointing towards future inner peace and well-being.

Pointing in the same direction are 10 arrows when I am interested, inspired, excited, active, determined, strong, proud (in the good way of being pleased with an achievement), enthusiastic, alert, and attentive.

Against these positively energetic friends are set 10 fiends, hell-bent on stealing my energy, killing my joie de vivre and destroying all hope for peace. They are the arrows of hostility, feeling afraid, scared, irritable, nervous, upset, distressed, jittery, ashamed, and guilty.

Here’s the fresh hope IF, like me, your BIG arrow points in the direction of inner peace and well-being. The hope is that only a slight change can win the day. If we have set our hearts upon emotional mastery – that is the dominant course for our life. Knowing our friends and our foes means that we can intentionally pay them attention one at a time.

Anything I can do to increase my interest in life will help tip the balance in favour of positive change. Anything I can do to decrease my sense of feeling hostile will also help tip the balance in favour of positive change. Strengthen my friends, weaken my foes – both ways work.

Thus, my call to action for myself and to anyone else who is keen to see a shift is to use the test to ‘test’ our current position. Then to choose a single mood indicator – fair or foul – to shift today. Choose a realistic target. For example, I am unlikely to feel excited for a long time because of our current challenges but I can well imagine feeling proud of something I’ve achieved. I may set out to achieve something I can feel more proud of to lift that score.

I know that walking in Nature reduces any sense of being jittery or irritable, thus I may decide, instead, to go for a longer walk than normal.

The same psychologist who came up with the arrow model – Kurt Lewin - also discovered that sharing goals made it ten times more likely that we will take action. If you choose to, you could share your single intent today so that we can cheer you on and cheer you up!


A Moodscope member.

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