What are you borrowing from the future?

16 Mar 2020

I caught myself walking up to the shop on this beautiful Saturday morning, already feeling low by borrowing from the way I felt about an uncertain future. I was drawing down on a future that didn't exist!

How crazy is that? Saturday is my day of rest and I love it! Yet, here I was feeling depressed about a future that hasn't happened yet, and may never happen!

That kind of 'wisdom' certainly isn't heavenly!

I'm so glad I caught myself being daft... and, as a thinker and writer, I got to thinking and then writing!

Here's the big take out:

Q. What are you borrowing from the future?

A mortgage is a positive example for many. They borrow from their future positive earning potential to enrich their current experience by living in a home that they love.

Imagination is similar - we borrow from a future we imagine to influence our feelings in the present!

It's Time To Imagine... A Better Future!

Could your future be better, brighter, bigger, bolder?

I'm not asking you if this is likely. I'm asking you if there is even a remote possibility that this could happen?

Could you discover that an unknown relative leaves you a huge amount in their will?

Could medical science discover a cure to whatever may ail you?

Could you suddenly switch the way you think so that you 'see' opportunities in every adversity?

Could everything turn out well?

Of course it could!

And while there is even the tiniest of possibilities, it is worth giving them your full attention!

I know why people convince themselves not to do this. They tell me it is because they don't want to be disappointed. But I know how I felt earlier this morning - worse than disappointed and nothing I was fearing had happened yet!!!

Why not rather choose to feel good? It's far more productive!

"Well, Lex, I can't just switch on feeling better!"

You are absolutely, one hundred percent correct!

But you can choose what you give attention to.

I'm sitting down now am I writing out one hundred credible ways my life could get better. Wherever possible, I'm going to focus on ones that I can at least influence if not control.

Will you join me in this exercise to imagineer a better, brighter, bolder, bigger future? Then, maybe, we can borrow feeling better from our better future!

Thank you!


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