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5 Sep 2023

I imagine you’re reading this because you have, at some point, struggled with how you experience this world. You have felt wounded, or maybe out of control, seen fear or reluctance in the faces around you. But you have somehow found your way here, to read what others write about. 

I grew up pre internet, so social media and I have a wary relationship. I am also very wary of advice, as I can easily turn it into another way of feeling I have failed again. On Moodscope’s blog, I have discovered (almost despite myself) that a lot of other people have struggled, survived, and yes, maybe struggled again, but also celebrate life alongside the struggle. Voices who accept themselves, others, responsibility, who look again at what they do, and are not afraid to question it, change it, or endure it. People who make me laugh, or nod in recognition.

We are built by evolution to share things with each other, being part of the social group was literally life or death for survival in the wild. So no wonder we feel threatened when we feel we don’t fit, or we’re misunderstood. My primary problem (maybe one of many…) was I didn’t understand my emotional state in the slightest, I couldn’t name it, let alone manage it. Learning that my feelings change with time, despite nothing else changing, means I can and do weather the storms better now. The slow process of learning, and healing feels like it takes forever, and I expect it probably does, as I am now certainly past the mid point in my life, and I’m still finding new lessons – even if there is a similarity in the sensation akin to repeatedly stubbing my toe. I have also learnt to ask for help (even if I find it most uncomfortable). I came to Moodscope, sceptical and cross, but have discovered I am not alone. Nor are you. If nothing else, post a comment here – it is better to light a candle than curse the darkness.


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