What trips off your tongue?

21 Jul 2018

Ask bawheid. Ben the room. It's a sair fecht. You've a right sair hand. Whit a numpty. He's rab ha'. Have ye a drooth? Aye right.

All colloquialisms. And all loved by me. I'm proud of my Scottish roots, I love my homeland with my whole heart, I was born here and I have no intention of dying anywhere else. Our Aberdonians can tell a tale a million miles away from the same tale you'd hear in other parts. Our East tongue is to the West tongue what waltz is to samba. We're all Scottish and we can understand each other but we don't always use the same words.

Well now ain't that a thing! We may use different words but if you are reading this then its most likely that you sometimes feel similar things to the things I feel. Torment. Panic. Anxiousness. Disaster. Failure. Sorrow. Loneliness. Confusion. Perhaps there is more to unite us than separate us.

We may describe our pains in different ways. We may wear them in different ways. But pain is pain. And today, I wish that you have a little break, however tiny, from your pain. A little break to breathe in and remember I'm here and you're here, and breathe out and remember we share this thing. We are not alone.

If you have a colloquialism of your own you'd like to share then I would truly enjoy hearing it. Go on. Tell me on the blogspot and give us all something to distract us this day.

Love from

The room above the garage

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