What's your story?

16 Aug 2015

We've all got a story. Something happens in our life and we create words around it. That's who we are: meaning-making, story-generating machines. You know that saying 'life is 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent what you make it mean'? It's so true. The exact same thing could happen to 100 people and there would be 100 different tales to tell. 100 different machines making meaning.

And stories change according to mood. Same person, same life... different mood = different story. I'm a single parent and on my good days my story is as happy as Larry: I'm a co-parent who loves having the freedom of time off so that I can write, paint, travel and see friends. On a bad day I'm a tired single mum who gets no support and is lonely and depressed.

What we don't realise is these stories create our world. Why does the world - which is a fixed set of energies, people and things - get described differently by every single human? Because we create the world as we see it through our words. Words have energy and what we say becomes our reality.

I'm redrafting my story and I'm ready to tell it differently. No more story of depression. (And if I feel depressed I'll know I've been thinking it because there's no feeling without words - but that's a subject for a other blog post!) And no more language of defeat. From now on my story is whatever I dream it to be. And I can dream big ;-)

What's your story? And does it need a rewrite? I'd love to hear your words...

With love,


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