When we need help - Ask.

23 Jul 2014

Just this week, I was asked by someone I knew, but had never met, to write a poem for a very personal distressing situation.

They wanted to write a poem, but for various reason could not do so, possibly as it was just too emotional.

They knew I could usually put words into a form that would flow and asked would it be possible for their situation.

I felt my own mood lift.

Here was I in a low place and yet to help and serve someone else immediately made me feel 'useful', while giving me a sense of worth.

All too often we may not ask or approach someone else for fear of them 'being too busy' or that they 'may not want to'.

If we think such things, we are immediately putting our thoughts onto them and denying them their own thoughts, or their ability to help us, as well as feeling wanted.

How many times do we say to people - "X will be far too busy", or, "I'm sure they may not want to do that" and decide that to hear a refusal would be worse...yet they are our close friends.

If we do so, we are not only disempowering them, we are also negating the building of stronger communication links and the creation of a greater support system. A support system for which we possibly crave.

I often use a phrase - 'Show weakness to gain strength'.

We are all insecure in our own way and for others to show that they need help or advice strengthens our trust in each other and the person who often starts that growth, is the one who initially asks for help. How would you feel if you found out that a friend didn't ask you as they thought you may say no or be too busy?

What do you need help with today?

Who can you ask and enable them to help if they can?

Asking not Tasking

To ask others,

Is to help them too.

You can't help someone,

Without helping 'you'.

How often do we take,

That 'helping' away.

We say they'll be busy,

Too busy today.

So we sit in our 'failure',

And struggle on by.

We are not important,

But why oh why?

Do we not offer others,

The chance to say yes.

To help their friend,

To serve and to bless.

That friendship of years,

Through laughter and tears.

To strengthen that bond,

Through hopes and through fears.

So when you want help,

Give them their place.

To serve their friend,

And the human race.


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