Where attention goes, energy flows 

6 Mar 2022

“Where attention goes, energy flows” - I heard that quote a few years ago and found it so helpful. Instead of giving attention, and therefore energy, to the bad stuff, the sad stuff and the stuff I can do nothing about, the quote taught me to flip it and seek the good, the happy, and the things I can do. I’ve far from perfected this, but at least I’m now aware of how I’m spending my attention. 


I have allowed myself too many news stories this week, and of course the result was to make me as flat as a pancake. I gave it attention and it took my energy. So, I had to make a change for my own health. 


I know a Ukrainian couple here who have been involved in helping the Ukrainian Club in our town, by collecting items which will go on trucks to support displaced people. On their behalf, I popped a wee note on our community group website saying I would gather and deliver should anybody want to use me as a mini-hub. Even though some of the things may be stored for a while, the first truck left earlier this week. In the process, I met Franck, Harmony and Suzie - complete strangers to me until now. They were not just willing but also jumped to action, bought tinned foods, nappies, paracetamol, toothpaste, and energy bars.  We all said the same thing - we felt awful, and we needed to do something, physical, to help.


It helped my attention go to a good place and I met three energising people. Now to work out how to manage next week. How are you managing yourself through uncertain times? 


Love from

The room above the garage 

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