Where has it gone?

30 Mar 2020

I had a really good idea for a blog about five minutes ago and then I forgot it. Isn't that so annoying. Well it used to be annoying and even funny but lately it is frustrating and upsetting.

I recall seeing a pie chart on Facebook that said 95% of the time I spend looking for things I have lost, 5% rest of my life. That is so true for me.

The worst thing I forget where I have put are keys, by bus pass, my phone and that's only the start.

I can be about to leave the house with my keys in my hand and a minute later as I am about to lock the door, I have no keys. Then I must unpack my bag which has every known domestic and personal item in it, but alas no keys.

Then I remember to check my pockets and there they are.

I find when I am stressed, I forget more and the more I stress, the more things I forget.

I think when I start to get in a panic because I can't find my debit card, my phone, a prescription I was given 5 minutes ago, I make it worse - but if one more person tells me to chill, I will scream.

Forgetting words, even everyday ones scares me. Names of people I have known for years or famous people can be so hard for me to remember.

I get so much helpful advice. People have told me the following:

Put your keys in the same place. (If I was that organised, I would not be so forgetful!)

Write down where you put things. (Great idea, I will write it down and forget where I have written it!)

When you meet someone, make up a way of remembering someone's name. (I tried that but then I forget the word I was using to recall the name!)

Does stress cause memory to fade? Or does forgetting things cause stress?


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PS. I just remembered what the blog topic was about, forgetting things. Now where is my pen paper?!

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