Where's Lex?

27 Jan 2020

No! I'm not your new Monday morning blogger. No one can replace Lex long term. Maybe we can put up with a few weeks but our souls will start to wilt and we will suffer from No Lex syndrome. NLS.

We all say things we regret and sometimes I have said things which I haven't had a clue at the time had hurt someone.

We are only human after all.

The problem with writing a possibly inflammatory or hurtful comment on Moodscope and I have written them myself in the past, is that we don't really know the person we are directing our comment to.

This of course happens with Twitter. It's so easy to sound off on Twitter to an anonymous person or someone we think we know from their celebrity status or whom we've read about in the media.

But our comments can hurt. Sounding off at someone might fill a need in us and I am constantly criticising people to my OH. Of course, I remind him that just as we take a swipe at someone, at the very same time, they're probably taking one at us.

We think we know someone whom we've never met! How daft is that. We think we can tell from what they write that we don't like them but that just isn't logical.

I have made mistakes on Moodscope in the past and often (or maybe only sometimes) I am terribly tempted to write a sarcastic comment even now. However, I try not to as

A) I hate the repercussions and am a coward when it comes to reading what people have written in reply and

B) I must not make a personal comment or even an impersonal comment which implies I know that person deep down and I must be right. Because I don't and I am not.

I totally understand the need for others to criticise. It's human nature and the critical person might actually think they are being helpful.

I for one am very sorry Lex isn't writing for us. I liked what he said and although sometimes it wasn't for me, more often than not I took something from his words. And definitely his replies to my comments always cheered me up.

So when you are ready Lex, please come back! I don't like this NLS. And also I am not you. I don't belong on a Monday blog. You are Mondays for me. It makes Sunday evening worth enjoying! And Monday morning a good place to be.

Baby Come Back!


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