Who you are is what makes the difference.

11 Feb 2014

"Nothing you will ever do, will ever improve who you actually are." Hans King.

Who are you? This is a question I often ask people as we start to dig deeper than the normal intellectual attempts, when doing some work around changing teams, as you can only help teams change, by enabling the people as individuals to change FIRST. (The resistance to this individual focus and consequent failure to change, is to my mind, why most change processes fail).

What would you write down right now to this question.

And if you are moving quickly to read on - you are not really up for change are you? So stop, get some paper or bring up a blank document and start writing.

Are you, by NOT challenging yourself to write down who you are, simply staying comfortable? Only through discomfort of some sort, will you change your life - by doing something you have not done before.

Discomfort is to be embraced positively. It is not a negative thing like pain, you have to be comfortable with discomfort for your own growth.

Because once you distill the many thoughts that will appear to something that 'feels' right - right to you (no one else), you then at least have a starting point of authenticity and authenticity is THE key to doing some work on yourself.

The most powerful and swift experiences I have ever had in working on leadership and personal growth was working with horses.

Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) is just the greatest experience I have had in my life.

To see a horse who has been totally avoiding you and completely frustrating you for up to 45 minutes suddenly come to your side to support you, as you break into tears, as the layers of protection and insecurity fall away - is just spellbinding. The horse will only work with you if you are REAL - truly you.

This is the crucial 'inscaping' journey and not the 'escaping' route that most take due to societal pressures. The journey in, is the only real journey we will ever take.

If you are seeking yet more answers externally, looking to the supposed experts, then find someone who loves you enough to truly 'listen' even when you are not speaking.

Their role is to help you discover yourself, not to 'tell' you anything.

So what are you going to do today - to look inside - to inscape - to establish who you are, as only from there can you start? Who are you?


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