Why bother?

13 Jun 2024












We’re busy doing nothing,

Working the whole day through,

Trying to find lots of things not to do.

Bing Crosby

I am sitting here, sunny morning, door open on to my terrace, got the ‘run in’ to my post – mind now total blank – will walk on roof terrace, have lunch, with wine, and see what transpires. At the moment, only the title makes any sense.

A few weeks ago I wrote the ‘Tale of Two Women’. The first was comfortable; secure, occupations, no domestic chores whatsoever. Number two was niggled or riled with all the little annoyances of the day, and letting them colour her life.

Now, the ‘niggles’ have evolved into ‘problems’. The swimming pool, a true luxury, was occasionally shut, at a week-end, because the water did not conform to health rules. Now it is most public holidays and some Sundays, this week Monday as well. Swimming is a big part of my well-being.  I now find, having the handyman almost crying on my shoulder that he is the ONLY person who can sort it. We pay quite a bit for all the ‘animations’ of which the pool is one. Then the lifts are always breaking down, not good when at least 70% of the residents cannot cope with stairs. Also, management is so poor that many of us, not nervous creatures, believe that they do not obey safety rules. A very severe problem is that I have had no post since selling my house, though the new owner says he has sent it on. Apparently, at the Residence I left at the end of February all admin staff have left – my first day there a director said communications were awful, ditto my letters. Then I must mention politics. Our President has called a snap election after major gains by the far right in the European elections. Very strong here in France: how does it affect me? I got caught up in a huge but friendly demonstration on Saturday, it scares me, reduced mobility. The election will be fought on the immigration problem. Lyon is the third city in France, multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, I love it. But the immigration problem will be a focus.

So, positive – I still love writing. Read loads, lucky to be able to do so. Got a book in mind, my seven houses, all distinctive, all with a social, economic and historic background. Got all the material, and back up via Wikipedia.

Back to the title: ‘Why Bother?’ Now makes sense (to me). People here, and elsewhere, have read what an interesting city Lyon is. So much to see and do, and eat. Feel I am wasting opportunities. But after several gruelling hours round Angkor Watt in Cambodia a grand-son said he was ‘Templed-out’. I am ‘Cultured-out’. Up to here with museums, temples, cathedrals, castles, art galleries. So, why bother to totter round? French TV excellent on cultural matters. Do you feel driven to do everything? Tick things off your bucket list? 

The Gardener

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