Why I live where I live

28 Oct 2022

Moodscopers come from a variety of places, many live throughout the UK some live in Commonwealth countries, some live in Europe, Canada, Central and South America and Africa.

Moodscopers live in big cities, in capital cities, I small towns, in suburbs, in villages, in remote and rural areas and many places in between.

On a radio program there was a long running segment Why I live where I live where people would explain

1-     Why they ended up where they live.

2-     What they like about where they live and what keeps them there.

It was so fascinating to listen to everyone’s stories that I thought wouldn’t it be interesting to pose this as a question for Moodscopers.

Now you don’t mention the name or even where you are if you don’t want to, just why you are living where you are and what makes it appealing.

This maybe hard for me but I will have a go.

Why I live where I live.

A few days after the fires on NYE 2019 we left to stay with family and then moved to 5 places in about 8 weeks. Then covid came and we moved to country town which I knew of only, and we had a place where we could live.

After 2 and half years it is not home, and I still don’t know many people, but I have found my work as a volunteer at a local charity shop to be full of caring people.

I live about 30 minutes walk from one of the most photographed scenes in NSW. I am surrounded by beautiful mountains, wildflowers and native birds.

Having lost my home and shop in the fires, I know that community means a lot. I also am grateful to have a roof over my head and to feel comfortable. I am thankful to have a cosy cottage and know people who are kind.

Over to the wonderful diverse Moodscopers.

Why do you live where you live?


A Moodscoper member

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