Words: friends or foe

8 Jun 2018

I have noticed people can be afraid of words as they have no confidence in what they write.

Often people will apologise when they write their first comment or blog even though they write very well.

Maybe at school teachers have said negative things about their writing or bosses have complained about their grammar or their parents have said they don't write well.

Some people are anxious about writing anything others may read.

I tend to delete more than I write when I write blogs, comments or emails not because I am anxious but I am concerned my words maybe misinterpreted. My ex-husband once said words were my greatest strength but also my greatest weakness as I used words to wound.

People worry that their first comment will not make sense to others. I believe words are your friends and everyone who can read this can write in meaningful ways that can even help them.

I want to look at how writing can help you:.

1) By helping you to explain and express your feelings to others.

2) Allowing you to connect to others through your words.

3) By keeping a journal to learn from your own writing.

4) By using your journal to become more organised and able to cope. (I struggle with this but I do live in hope.)

5) By seeing how your mood may affect your writing and your writing may affect your mood.

These are just a few and there many more ways writing can help us.

I know many people will think this blog is stating the obvious as they do all the above with ease. Maybe then you can share your ideas and experiences with others.

Are words your friend or foe? Or both?

Does writing words down help you more or in a different way to speaking them?

How has writing helped your health in any way?

If you have never commented before will you take the plunge with one word or more!

So write on moodscopers.


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