18 Jan 2022

Have you got a WRAP - Wellness Recovery Action Plan? Something to help you get back on the bicycle when you fall off.

I have. It has taken me about 4 years to develop it. I am still improving mine at 71. The local Recovery College is running a 15 week course soon and I am fascinated to hear what they think should be done.

Today is my 2002nd entry in Moodscope. I don't do it every day but most days. It is the cornerstone of my WRAP. It has 3 main parts:

1 My Moodscope score goes to my 2 buddies. Both are bipolar but of completely different characters. Both ring me if my score is above or below agreed limits. I offer the same service for them.

I don't worry so much about depression because I find it easier to control by a cold shower, brushing my teeth and a brisk walk. Highs terrify me because I can do damage to my close relationships especially my grandchildren and spend money like water. The money bit I have capped by having a current account which cannot go in the red. The debit card becomes inoperable. At the end of every month, the amount above £400 (new washing machine) is transferred to a an internet bank account which cannot be accessed for 7 days.

Those who I know and understand bipolar are not a problem. But relationships outside this cohort can be problematic. One man on my allotments referred to me as bampot.

2 Phase 2 is to talk to as many friends and family as possible. It grounds me.

3 If it carries on I contact a tame therapist. I have only got to his level once.

This isn't perfect but it works for me most of the time.

What pieces of a WRAP work for you?

Yours in friendship


A Moodscope member.

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