You are an angel to someone

11 Feb 2019

Yes, you are - in the literal sense of the word (though getting your wings may be a challenge... and unnecessary!)

"Angel" means "Messenger" - one who brings and shares a message.

There will have been dozens, hundreds, even thousands of times when you have unknowing been an angel - a messenger - to someone in your life so far. You shared the right word at the right time, and someone's life was touched by a positive change of heart, mind, or even direction.

You only have to have shared the right word at the right time once to win your status as an angel to someone. Even once is enough. A word of encouragement, a genuine compliment, or a perspicuous insight into someone's unique gifts or talents can work miracles, changing the course of their life for good.

If we flip this round the other way for a moment, what words, delivered by somone else, have had a positive impact on you over the years? Some of my own experiences have bordered on the 'spooky' to the point that I wondered if there are angels with wings involved! That's not necessary, though. This is about someone saying something to you that really helps you on your life journey - even if that is just getting through the day. Two examples I will give, and then I hope you'll feel free to confess your own examples too.

Decades ago, I was sharing in a group of people an opportunity to voice our goals for the year ahead. Saying these out loud deepens our commitment to our aims, dreams, and objectives. Personally, my goals were to do with training and development. A complete stranger looked me in the eye and said with authority, "No, you're an author." The words 'hit' me as if physically, and had a ring of truth as clear as a church bell. That was a life-changing moment.

Then, only last week, a friend who didn't know my ambitions, said, "You'd do well in Ireland - you'd fit right in." I nearly fell off my chair as I had only the week before bought a book on touring the West Coast of Ireland - a dream of mine. This was in response to a life-long pull I have felt towards Ireland. This pull is not based on any experience, it's just a hunch, an intution. My friend reflected that message back to me as a confirmation of my internal 'witness'.

You, Angelic? No, I'm not asking you to be a goody-two-shoes (whatever that is)... though goodness has its own unique intrinsic rewards. I'm asking you to become a conscious messenger. I'm asking you to knowingly and deliberately, purposefully and passionately to become a speaker of good words into people's lives. And I'm asking you to practice today.

Find someone to whom you can deliver a genuine message of encouragement, or gratitude, or direction.

I recognise the danger in the last one and also the 'vice' in 'advice', however there may be a talent or a gift you've seen in someone - a genius in them - that they may not see clearly for themselves. Drawing their attention to their genius may be just the word they need. It may give them the confidence boost to take courageous action.

Angelically Yours


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