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22 Mar 2018

I was born without a sense of direction. In fact my parents used to joke it was amazing that I found my way out of the womb.

I never learnt my right from my left, let alone other people's right and left. When I was a student teacher I told my students to move to the right, which they all did except me - I moved the left. My supervisor was unimpressed!

North South East and West confuse me and you may as well be talking in another language if you say go in a northerly direction.

When people try to give me directions at they say, You can't possibly get lost, or this way is foolproof or my directions are perfect. None of these help me.

If I had another ailment people would be sympathetic but having no sense of direction just makes people think I am vey slow.

One thing that does help me when I am lost is to find those maps that say You are here.

I can see where I am and where I am going, well sometimes, and I feel more confident.

I also have been lost in life.

While others have a definite plan since they were children, a map that they follow all through life I am still going round in circles directionless as ever as I reach my senior years.

I think having someone say you are here and then being able to see where I want to go would help me. There is something so reassuring for me with hearing the words You are here when one feels that one has lost their way.

Sometimes when one is lost one does not know where one is going, but seeing a plan with you as the centre with these wonderful words You are here, I think may give you confidence to move on and you may see the options of where you want to go.

Does anyone else lack a sense of direction?

Do you find the words 'You are here' on a map or in life comforting and helpful or do you find them patronising and unhelpful?


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