You Are My Hero

11 Aug 2019

Yes, I know most Moodscopers are going to think, "Yeah, Right!" So, I'm going to ask you to stay with this adventure for a few more minutes until you believe you're a hero too.

Heroes don't start out as heroes. They go on a journey to become what they could be. They are normal people who face great danger. Doesn't that sound a bit more like you?

Every hero-in-the-making has NEVER made it on their own. Every single one of them has been found by a Guide... and sometimes more than one guide! Luke Skywalker was a frustrated farm boy, wanting to get off-planet and have a life of adventure. He could see no way of doing this.

If you can see now way out of your frustrating circumstances, start looking out for the Guide – they are out there looking for you. You need a Guide with a map, a plan, some resources. Luke was found in one of his darkest moments by Obi-Wan, and Obi-Wan introduced Luke to his bigger destiny – to become a Jedi and get to know the resources of the Force. Obi-Wan gave Luke direction, as all good Guides do.

And Obi-Wan introduced Luke to the next Guide on his hero's journey: Yoda.

There are three more elements on the journey. No hero becomes the hero without something really painful happening – sometimes time and time again. Luke lost his guardians when they and the home were destroyed by the evil Empire. Something had to change. Now does this feel more real? You and I wouldn't be in this community unless the bad stuff had already happened. Bad stuff is still happening, and it could get worse.

The trauma is the trigger.

But we have a choice. Luke could have gone back to the farm and rebuilt it. It would never have been the same, but he could have gone back to the past way of being. If he'd done this, the Empire would have won, and the Rebel Forces crushed. Eventually, Luke would have lost the farm again too as the Empire destroyed everything.

For the hero in you, there is no going back. Luke went forward with the help of his Guides. He found his tribes (the Rebel Alliance and the Jedi), and even got help from unlikely strangers (Han Solo and Chewy). BUT he had to take action.

The results were amazing, but the journey was hard, painful, and with much loss. The end was better and ultimately worth it.

You are a Hero... almost. Moodscope is one of your Guides – a tribe of guides, in fact! You're in an amazing position because there's a different Guide every day through the blog. Your Moodscope score is the measure of the Force! Your traumas are real. And we all know that if we don't take action, it's not going to get better. Therefore, I want to stir us all up today to do three things.

1) To be open to new Guides in our lives – when the Hero is ready the Guide will appear.

2) To take the action the Guide suggests – trust the process, follow the plan.

3) To BE the Guide to someone else. You've been there, done that, survived. You know stuff – stuff that can help others. Blog!

And to finish with some final great news: the Hero is NEVER perfect; neither is the Guide. Just be yourself, stay open to becoming the Hero of your own story, and be the Guide for someone else's.


A Moodscope member.

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