You don't have to be a streaker, a flasher will do.

29 Apr 2016

Did you remember to have a head holiday?

I didn't.

I haven't.

And I am paying the price.

I've been trundling along with weighty thoughts holding my body down. I have actually wished to become (more) ill for that would bring me Rock Bottom and from there, there is but one path. But the path I am on is neither one thing nor another. I am too busy to be achieving things that matter to me, which would bring me up a little. And I am too low to see the wood for the trees. So I must be kind to myself and make little shifts to coax my head somewhere else, thus giving it a head holiday.

It's a phrase I struggle with "be kind to yourself". How? How can we be kind to ourselves? I'll show you mine (woohoo!) and perhaps you will show me yours (chortle!):

I can have that bath.

I can stop putting the TV on late at night and falling asleep upright.

I can get a sheet of paper and I can write out everything that is bothering me, in scribbles or a list, it matters not as nobody will see it.

I can look at the words and phrases and imagine my child had written it. And I can decide upon my reply and remember that I should receive that response.

I can stop playing music at every opportunity and allow my head some space to vomit out its thoughts.

I can start meditating again. It worked for me and I should not have stopped.

I can wear clothes that make me feel loved and held on to.

I can remember that engaging with my Moodscope friends allows me to rise up.

Being kind to ourselves comes in all manner of ways. My most favourite is sneaking to the cinema for a morning showing. There is just enough naughtiness in there to spur me on the day before and after. I haven't done that for over a year. It's time for a head holiday.

OK, I'm practically naked (brrr), now show me yours, embrace your inner flasher!

Love from

The room above the garage.

A Moodscope member.

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