A Boxing Day Opportunity

26 Dec 2022

What is Boxing Day all about? And why is it a golden opportunity for you?

Boxing Day is named after the tradition of the more wealthy ‘boxing’ up gifts for those who are relatively poorer. Those in Domestic Service would often get the day off (hence scraps on Boxing Day feasting on the left-overs from the excesses of Christmas Day – Turkey Royale, anyone?) and the Master and Mistress would present them with a gift box.

Thankfully, those days have diminished mostly into history but the grace of giving will never cease. In fact our organisation ‘boxed’ up over 150 shoeboxes for this year’s Blythswood Shoebox Appeal. Joining the buzz, excitement, and industry of those involved with sorting the contents and packing the boxes with love creates some of my favourite few days of each year.

My question for you and for me is, “What do we consider ourselves to be particularly wealthy in?”

I wholeheartedly believe that ‘Attention’ is a precious commodity, and increasingly rare as hundreds of stimuli vie for our own attention. I remember a young toddler being held in his grandfather’s arms, and then him placing his tiny fingers from both hands onto his grandfather’s cheeks, and turning his granddad’s face towards him to get his full and undivided attention! It was a beautiful moment that has stayed with me ever since.

I also remember an episode of a very old sitcom called, “George and Mildred.”  Mildred craved George’s attention but George was far more interested in his TV Dinner in front of the TV (of course!)  Mildred says, “Would you like some Ice Cream, George?” Without looking away from the Television, George affirms in a cheery voice, “Yes, please, dear.”

Mildred dishes up a generous portion of ice cream, and then mischievously adds, “Would you like some tomato ketchup on that, dear?”  “Yes, please, dear,” George replies…

…George gets what he asks for… and then eats it without missing a beat. Yuk!

My chief pleasure on “Blogging Day” is to exchange the gift of attention with those of you who can take the time to make a comment or have a chat on other topics. I love your creativity, your wisdom, your insights, and your honesty – especially on those days where it is clear you need at least a digital hug. Moodscope gives us the gift of attention, and the means to exchange it – and it doesn’t need putting in a box!

Neither do you. If you have been labelled, pigeon-holed, judged, criticised or otherwise placed in a box that limits your phenomenal capacity to grow, be free, even reinvent yourself, let’s declare today a day of liberation: Unboxing Day!

You’ll get no judgment or criticism from us; only celebration of your unique gift of being you.  As the wit says, “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken!”

Giving you the gift of attention today…

…your attentive friend


A Moodscope member

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