A Kingdom United

5 Jun 2022

Imagine tables set for 600 guests, surrounded by celebratory events to cater for the tastes of thousands of visitors and residents. Such was Swanage – a seaside town in Dorset, UK – on the 3rd June. It was the biggest Street Party I’d ever seen, and whilst I wasn’t a table guest (there was a waiting list of over 200 people showing how popular it was), I was able to share in the excitement.

Here was a throng of people united in celebration. Covid was largely forgotten for a few hours, as were the many troubles of our world. We took time out to celebrate 70 years of Queen Elizabeth’s commitment to the Commonwealth. I don’t think I’m naïve – I know that many people had come merely to share the mood rather than to celebrate the Monarch – but the mood was a good one to share.

Reading the blogs sharing so much wisdom over so long a period, we have much to celebrate too. We are as much Moodscapers as Moodscopers. A bit like a Gardeners’ World for landscaping and cultivating and nurturing the mind. We are a Kingdom United in the desire and determination to build good mental health, and the support structure needed to catch us when we fall back from our dream. Every blog day is a street party for those who share this mutual understanding.

Coincidently, the celebrations this week have overlapped with Purbeck Art Weeks, where local artists open their studios to share not only their art but also their heart. I have had seven conversations with artists so far, and it is clear that many have found creating art a wonderful way to nurture good mental health. This is no surprise to us here at Moodscope, for we’ve mentioned this in many a blog.

Let us then take the opportunity to celebrate and to say, “Thank you,” for our ‘kingdom’ united in a common cause, “Thank you,” for the wisdom and support, and, “Thank you,” for the years that Caroline and Adrian and Jon have provided a forum and structure for us to share. Perhaps you would provide a toast to Moodscope?


A Moodscope member.

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