A More Abundant Life; part 1 of 7.

28 Apr 2014

Moodscope offers us a way to track our moods as regularly as we choose. Part of the support structure includes the option to send our daily 'score' to selected 'buddies' who can join us on our journey. Of course a buddy can become a catalyst to help us live our life more abundantly.

As a recipe for this, I return to my biology classes at school. In these I learned that there are seven characteristics of a living organism, seven signs of 'Life':

1. Movement

2. Nutrition

3. Reproduction

4. Excretion

5. Growth

6. Respiration

7. Sensitivity

I think these make a great checklist for a life to the full, so I'm going to do a series of seven blogs highlighting how each one might enrich our experience. First, it's the turn of 'Movement'.


There are essentially two directions we can move in – towards something we want, or away-from something we don't want. Tulips grow towards the light, woodlice run away from the light! I'd rather be a tulip than a woodlouse!

One of the more proactive roles a buddy can take on is to help you to move towards the light! Of course, you need to agree what the 'light' is for you. I know my early approach to Moodscope was to move away from the darkness of those darker moods like being scared or afraid (of the dark!) However, it is far more motivating to move towards the 'something' that you would rather have.

My 'light' is 'creativity'. I would rather have more time in my life for creative expression. That's when I'm truly at my most content. My buddy's proactive role then becomes to challenge me to define three movements I could make towards having more time in my life for creativity. These steps could be set up within a certain time frame, and my buddy can then lovingly hold me to account.

(And, if you want to be my buddy, those three steps would be: 1) define a time each week that is my regular, guilt-free, creative time; 2) seek a friend to be creative with; 3) find a showcase for my creativity [e.g. Flickr/Facebook/Pinterest])

So, what would you like to move towards?

Next time...it will be the turn of 'Nutrition' – yummy!


A Moodscope member.

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