A More Abundant Life; part 3 of 7.

5 May 2014

Today's characteristic of a more abundant 'Life' is 'Reproduction'. (The seven signs being: movement, nutrition, reproduction, excretion, growth, respiration, and sensitivity.)

Whilst eagerly anticipated by some (so I'm told!), the subject of reproduction is uncomfortable for many - so let me start by asserting this isn't going to be about having children. Humans have evolved way beyond the drive-for-life as expressed in most other species. Our desire to reproduce extends to our ideas, our culture, our skills, our interests and even our character.

Reproduction or Pro-Creation.

Being addicted to creativity, I would naturally love a word like "procreation" – a state that is favourably disposed towards being creative. My belief is that this is a shared purpose of life for all of us – to be creative. For an abundant life, we need to have a sense that we have given the best of us to others in a form that endures. A painting, a poem, a novel, a photograph – all these endure and transfer something of our essence and perspective on life.

Digging deeper, we find a need to transfer something of our characteristics or even our passions. I notice (not always with pleasure) that those around me have picked up many aspects of my personality. I seem to have "rubbed off" on them. If I were to choose which characteristics were reproduced in those I love, my list would be very different.

And so here is today's challenge: which aspects of your personality or character would you choose to have reproduced in those you influence? Often these will be visible behaviours driven by invisible beliefs. I know that I love "kindness" above all other values. Whilst I am not always "kind", it still sits there as a defining desire-to-be in my personality... and thus leaks occasionally into my behaviours. To be remembered as a kind and gentle-man would be a triumph. Also to be spoken of as an "inspirational-creative" would tick all the right boxes for me. Thus, when somebody says to me, "Because of you, I have taken up an interest in photography," I smile and know that I have reproduced a passion I value into others.

This is the highest value I see in those who are teachers by "vocation". There is something in them, a passion and enthusiasm, that is contagious, and thus reproduced. I would not be the man I am today if it wasn't for two teachers whose passion for their subject and belief in me reproduced a level of their own excellence in me. That, my friends, is a high expression of living a life to the full. Thank you Barbara, thank you Joe.


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