A noise annoys a noisy oyster

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13 Apr 2023

Last week my blog was about what intrigues and fascinates us but today I want to know what annoys you.

Everyone, even the most patient person, has something that annoys them. 

When I am low I get irritable and things annoy me.

There is that old tongue twister: A noise annoys a noisy oyster, but a noisy noise annoys a noisy oyster more.

I think when we are low or bombarded with noise or irritating habits of others, we tend to get annoyed.

I think that since covid 19 was known of, generally many people, myself included, have become easily annoyed. It can be simple things like the way someone chews loudly, the way dog owners leave their dog’s poo on other people’s lawns or in the park, or the way people talk during a movie at home. I am guilty of the last one meaning I talk and annoy my partner.

So here is my public service offering Moodscopers, a chance to get something that annoys you aired in a supportive place. List away with one, or a few, or many.

Also, maybe list something you do that you know annoys others.

Any suggestions of how not to get annoyed or how not to let people get on your nerves will be gratefully received.


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