A part of life that many don't see.

24 Sep 2014

I live among you well disguised,

I can appear from behind your eyes.

I enter in before you know,

As soon as I come, you want me to go.

You sometimes need me, to take a break,

You sometimes hate me, for pity's sake.

You try to avoid me, all the time,

I am often waiting, when your life don't rhyme.

I can take your soul, and spirit to,

I can empty your body, a vacant you.

I can create such pain, in body and mind,

I am pernicious to you and never kind.

You cannot see me, you never will,

I am that flag on that invisible hill.

I open thoughts that change your life,

I bring you darkness and hurt and strife.

Sometimes you fight me with chemical pills,

Sometimes you don't know what makes you ill.

Sometimes I take you way down and down,

Sometimes below the water you drown.

I am in every country and continent you see,

I am in your home, your work and overseas.

You cannot stop me with border controls,

I am ubiquitous, I create darkness patrols.

You often find me, when you lose your way,

I'll happily turn your world to grey.

I seep inside your every thought,

You cannot escape, I am your lot.

A lot of loss - a lot of pain,

A lot of hurt - that old refrain.

I might be new or I might be old,

One thing's for sure, your joy I've sold.

You never know how long I'll come,

I can make you look down the barrel of a gun.

I'll affect your family and parents too,

I'll affect everything to do with you.

I hate your friends they weaken me,

I avoid your partner and your family tree.

I loathe your doctor and your CPN,

I make you hide again and again.

But somehow always you find some light,

Even if it is, in the middle of the night.

To loosen my grip, my hold on you,

You find your heart and pull it through.

The rest of your body hears that song,

Of who you are and where you belong.

It gets stronger and as others help,

I start to shrink back as chemicals yelp.

And then you get a glimpse of you again,

Then that opens the door to a happy refrain.

The sun comes up the birds do sing,

You find there's more that life can bring.

You've beaten me again I have to go away,

Your happy now that joy holds sway.

You've taken control you won your fight,

You've found the switch for your internal light.


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