A rebellious lack of resolution.

1 Jan 2018

I've said it before. I am the grumpy one. I do not do 'New Year Resolutions". For me they are broken promises wrapped in last year's mistakes. Something to feel guilty about before and after. Let's flush that down the pan and think no more of it. There. Grump over, you are safe now.

My youngest daughter is custodian of The Jar. Each year at this time she empties it, washes it, decorates it and places it in the middle of our kitchen table where it stays for 364 days. We call it The Jar of Good Thoughts. We write tiny notes of a good thing that happened, date it, fold it, write our name on the front and put it inside. At this time a year later we open the jar and take turns in reading out all the good things. It is really, really special. To hear the year as all kinds of magic makes your heart grow large.

Instead of "my body will be a temple this year or even just 6 days" you might try this. It's inspiring and changes your perspective. One of our entries a few years ago was a reminder of the help we'd had with the dirty jobs after my granny died (ripping up her carpets was physically and emotionally hard). It's a wonderful thing to revisit that kindness again and much cheaper than gym equipment or memberships. Eat the cake, just go for a walk as well.

Perhaps you'll start a Jar of Good Thoughts. I can't recommend it highly enough.

Love from

The room above the garage

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