A Reset

4 Apr 2020

Today we have a lovely positive poem from Orangeblossom. At the end of the poem we are also including a link to the first in a series of short tips for staying emotionally strong in these unprecedented times. The tips are from Moodscope's founder, Jon Cousins.

A Reset

This period of social isolation

Can be used as an invitation

For growth and transformation.

A re-examination of

my attitudes, routines, values

A great opportunity

To press the reset button.

This may hopefully

readjust any discrepancies

in my lifestyle.

Looking around my personal

space, lots needs readjustment.

A great opportunity

To press the reset button.

Thank you for the fresh

Chance to review

my life patterns

to reset that button

to begin anew.


A Moodscope member.

Here's the link to watch the first of Jon's videos: https://youtu.be/xFlupjDBy2o

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