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4 Mar 2023

It’s coming and you can’t stop it. I know it won’t be long because:

• The daylights hours are rapidly increasing.

• Bulbs are starting to bring colour to gardens. (see below)

• Most trees and bushes are producing this years first shoots.

• My outside walks are increasing. Importantly I have recommenced my early morning walk.

• My local bowling green opens on 18 March.

I get most excitement from the sight of the early Spring bulbs. Firstly pushing their shoots through the cold soil, then forming flower bulbs and finally bursting out to show colour. 

Snowdrops probably show the earliest each year in the UK but, for me, I am most delighted by the golden daffodil.

We mostly associate daffodil flowers with a deep yellow colour but they can also be white, cream, orange and even pink. There are a few different styles of daffodil flower - trumpets, doubles, split cups, large cups and Jonquillas.

I feel very fortunate that I can see a huge number of daffodils a few minutes from home. There is a large expanse of grass verge on one of my favourite walks. On that land have been planted daffodils in four large oval shapes. Each oval measures around 16 feet long and 6 feet wide and contains about 60 clumps of daffodil plants. Each clump produces around 10 flowers which gives a total of about 2400 daffodil flowers!

So why is the advent of Spring important for your MH? Apparently the increased daylight and warmer temperatures encourage hormonal changes that help to boost our mood and energy levels. These things lead to more joy and hope. 

Especially for Rowan I have selected the following Spring poem.                            


The wind told the grass

And the grass told the trees

The trees told the bushes 

And the bushes told the bees


The bees told the robin 

And the robin sang out clear,

Wake up

Wake up

Spring is here!

(Poet unknown)

So Spring is a time for celebration. And I am celebrating today; this is my 50th Blog Post. The fact that I have reached this milestone is testament to all the friendly and encouraging comments I have received from so many during the last two years. Thank you all.

Mainly based on my own experience, I try to write something that members find helpful with a touch of humour. Hopefully I still have enough ideas to write a few more. 

Can you see any signs of Spring in your part of the world?


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