A to Z Guide to Life – F is for 'Faith'

11 Jan 2016

Well, that's a word that's likely to raise some eyebrows. Awesome architecture and adventures have been created as a result of people's faith, and equally awful atrocities have been committed!

There's no escaping the fact, though: faith moves us... perhaps even defines us.

What we believe changes how we behave, and how we assess how others behave.

So what is faith? It's a sure and certain conviction to do with the unseen, the unfelt, and the unmeasurable. Cross anyone's invisible line of conviction and you'll experience the person's commitment to their values. I believe in the primacy of good manners. Cross that line and I'll share some feedback!

Faith is to do with that which is not yet in the realm of the empirical. It gives substance that which has no tangible substance. 'Certainty' is a good synonym.

I think faith is essential. We must believe in something, value something, hold to something. And we all do. Declarations and Constitutions are made of such things!

Those of us who blog for Moodscope have a conviction and a certainty that what we write will at least touch one heart each time – and that one makes it worthwhile. Moodscope itself is founded on the faith that it can make a difference – and that faith is well founded. It's made a difference to me.

So, today, I'm going to invite us all to press pause and think about what we believe in that is good and pleasing and worthy of praise. The mistake that's too easy to make is to confuse faith with hope. Hope is always to do with the future and unseen, but faith lays hold of our 'truth' in the here and now.

What would you like to be certain of, right here, right now in 2016?

Let's trigger these beliefs by using the phrase, "I believe I am..."

... learning equally well from my successes and setbacks – both moving me forwards

... communicating ever more clearly my needs, feelings and mindset so that those who really care can understand and respond and support

... becoming more aware of how to cope.

Faith grows by listening to our inner-dialogue – the things we tell ourselves about ourselves and others.

Would you take some time to share a good line with us about what you'll believe about yourself and others this year? Let's share the good stuff.

Unless we stand for something, we'll fall for anything!


A Moodscope member.

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