A workman and his tools.

10 Nov 2015

Show depression you are not going to be easy. Arm yourself to be ready for a visit:

- Keep some store cupboard foods for days when you just can't go out.

- A timetable – when our brains are fog we often need to see the instruction written down.

- A 3 item list of things to do when well.

- Memories of when we felt happy (this can be hard but worthwhile).

- Box of photographs – we usually only photograph the good stuff.

- Split the day in two – in one half be the patient and allow yourself to be ill, in the other half be the carer and guide yourself into doing something that will help.

- A list of food you can make easily - bacon, egg and tomato in a pan, job done and gluten free.

- Don't take on any projects (this includes clearing something out). Routine can be a safety net.

- Trust someone with knowing you are ill. If there is nobody, there is always someone on Moodscope.

- Wash your survival outfit. A dressing gown without jam splodge is a win.

- Eat 3 times a day. BOOM! SMASH! KAPOW! Jackie Chan your depression!

- Look into the mirror and say "I have depression/bipolar/dodgy feet and I am proud". Then be proud because you have been honest.

Please share and swap your tools on the blogspot, it helps us all.

Remind yourself that you are in charge and that even breathing in and out is fighting.

Love from

The room above the garage

A Moodscope member.

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