Accept or change?

12 Dec 2019

"I can't be myself around you."

"When I'm with you, I always have to tread on eggshells."

"I'd like to be able to speak freely with you but I don't want to upset you."

What do you do when most people you encounter bring up the same aspect of your character? You know, the thing you find most difficult about yourself?

It seems I've rarely reacted to the world according to norms, and that I am somewhat over-sensitive. I've been having therapy since I was fourteen in an attempt to address the causes of my sensitivities but they are still surfacing thirty years later.

It's taken me nearly all that time to realise that although I can tweak some of the ways I react to the world and that I am capable of growth, who I am is not fundamentally going to change, despite how much I would like to.

At what point do you accept yourself as you are, and stop seeking change?

If you have made changes, how have you gone about it?

What has worked for you? And what hasn't?

How do you see acceptance? And what is it for you?

The Librarian

A Moodscope member.

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