Achieving (or not) Harmony

12 Oct 2020

I am not making any assumptions about your journeys through these strange times but I know I have struggled. And something totally left-field came into our vision, an unexpected and potential project which we both became obsessed with since lockdown, visiting it twice peering through the dirty windows defying the notice which said “you are being watched”. Restrictions in place did not permit us to be shown around so we took matters into our hands. We passed it regularly, musing that “our” future house was perfect. The outlook. The peace and quiet. A mile and a half only from our town, only a short drive away. The next step-up for us, with no real savings to speak of and the only asset, our own house to potentially sell.

Life however isn't perfect, and this house wasn't but we could see its potential, just as we did in our current house with its jungle garden and utterly unloved interior. Nine long haired grey cats trapped in the house, water that torrented through the ceiling and over two years of silence and no occupants. We breathed life and love into it. But the neighbour's dog has always been a pain. Simple gaps in the fence set her off constantly with passers-by on the back path but nothing that DIY wouldn't fix. We should know better though as we hear the once yearly sound of the chainsaw cutting back the leylandi. And then the gardening is over for another year. Lovely bloke but he isn't Monty Don. Neighbour two doors away on the other side has a gorgeous but constantly barking Westie that is never told off. So during lockdown you become aware more than ever of others around you.

Back to Harmony. We started imagining where we would build things, put things and even imagined a new business. Harmony hadn't been lived in since 2016 but we knew it would be hard work and constant upheaval but we could see the potential. We obsessed since the middle of March, taking many detours past till just a few days ago and were told... you can't put in an offer unless you have the cash to go. There had been a substantial interest and the rules are different here. So the dream went to dust as ours is being done up, would sell I'm sure but isn't on the market crucially. We were hoping to be able to given the chance but slim had just left town.

The old me would have thought sadly “people like us are never given the chance, unlike the ones under Homes under the Hammer who have money behind them”. The new me said... I acknowledge my disappointment. I will keep in mind the business plans for the future. We will continue with the DIY and make the house beautiful so that when something comes along that is right for us, we'll be more than ready. And the words of my grandma “What's for you won't go past you”.


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