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12 Nov 2022

We often discuss the virtues of taking care of ourselves. If you suffer with poor MH this is very important. But we must not forget the benefits of helping others. This can be a win/win situation. The moods of both recipient and provider can be improved. 

A personal example: A few weeks ago I was queuing at the local Post Office counter. The lady in front of me dropped some papers including a prescription. I realised she was not particularly mobile so I bent down, picked them up and gave them to her. She smiled and thanked me. About five minutes later I was in another queue paying for a few food items. The assistant confirmed I had selected the correct three items to qualify for ‘the meal deal’. I said to her that I had done something right today. A voice behind to me said “No, you picked up my papers a few moments ago!”

Such a simple act proves that acts of kindness do not need to be permanent or complicated. 

Kindness comes in all forms. It can be a simple “Hello, how are you?” .

There are thousands of ways of showing kindness; to people we know and also complete strangers. One of Moodscope’s great strengths is that it provides a medium through people can be kind to each other. Every single day there is kindness expressed on the site.

And did you know that kindness is contagious? The more people use it and are aware of its effects, the more it is likely to be used.

I am sure you will not be surprised to hear that research has shown a definite connection between kindness and improved mental health. This is an extract taken from a paper published by the American Psychological Association dated 16 February 2021: 

“Performing acts of kindness releases oxytocin the feel good hormone which increases self esteem and optimism. This along with decreased levels of cortisol, help reduce stress and anxiety.”

If you prefer something less technical you may like the poem written by the Scottish post James Aitchison called “The Kindness Boomerang” :

A helping hand.

A heartfelt smile

The kindness you give

Comes back in a while.


Like a boomerang

Winging through the air

The people you help

Send you love and care.


When you show kindness

It’s very true

Others show kindness

Back to you.

There is so much research involving ‘Kindness’ and if you want to read more I suggest a visit to the Positive Psychology site.

So let’s be positive to each other and say what acts of kindness you have recently given or received. How did it make you feel?


A Moodscope member


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