16 Jan 2015

I have a confession to make, I talk to myself, yes, I know, it's the first sign of madness! Now I am lucky enough to work with a lovely team of caring colleagues, albeit in a cramped office, who are very tolerant of my constant mutterings while I work. However one of them pulled me up the other day. She expressed shock at the violence with which she heard me say "Frankie, you idiot; you absolute idiot; how can you be so stupid?" Her very wise point was that I should never give myself negative messages, only positive, affirming messages.

Which got me thinking, why don't we create our own list of affirming statements to say to ourselves so that we can drown out the negative chatter of our minds?

"I am loving"

"I am caring"

"I am helpful"

"I am gentle"

"I am respected"

"I am organised"

"I am capable"

"I am good at..."

"I am a good friend"

The list is endless (yes it is - for each and every one of us). No shoulds, oughts, musts, wills, can'ts or negatives of any description - just the affirmation "I am...".

By writing out our affirmations, we already begin to counter the negative messages we so often give ourselves; By saying one or two affirmations aloud throughout the day we may well surprise ourselves at how much more smoothly the day runs...

By sharing our affirmations on the blogspot we can marvel at the richness and diversity of wisdom we Moodscopers together represent, we can strengthen our sense of (on-line) community...(and we can nick some for ourselves of course!)

Wishing everyone peace of mind and heart.


A Moodscope member.

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