Alarm Bells.

10 Sep 2016

It was a Friday evening. It was bright outside.

I had a work meeting all day and afterwards, collected my daughter and son from their friends' houses.

Then, tired but happy enough, we headed home. As I drove in, the alarm was ringing.

My son was immediately anxious. I said everything was okay. 'Stay in the car. It's all okay'. As I put the key in the front door, I realised it was open and that my desk chair was up against the door from the inside. I pushed it open and ran up the stairs. The balcony door was open. And broken. My jewellery boxes were thrown around my bedroom. Every drawer had been emptied. Underwear, pajamas, scarves strewn all around. And yet a part of me still couldn't believe this had actually happened. To me.

I checked my jewellery. I knew I wasn't supposed to touch anything but I had to know. The kids were calling from the front garden. Is everything okay? 'It's okay', I call back. 'We have been robbed. But he's gone. He didn't take much'. I have six pieces of jewellery that mean the world to me. Everything else is glittery, sparkly and fun. But these six pieces are valuable - in every way. My ring. My beautiful diamond eternity ring. The most valuable item I owned was gone. As I ran down to my children to keep them calm, my stomach was nauseous. Why oh why hadn't I worn the ring to work today? Why oh why did I not organise house insurance? Why oh why?

The guards were lovely. Young and kind and when one of them asked about the inscription on the ring, I started to cry. My son cried too. The guards became even kinder. They tied up the balcony door so we could sleep that night.

My children slept. I didn't. I was keeping watch. The anger I felt was terrifying. I feared the slow sadness would arrive and engulf me, overpower me and I wouldn't be able to function. I cried over the happy memories of the ring. The time I felt safe and loved and life was good. And that made me angrier. With the thief yes, but also with life and love and expectation.

I work hard for the little I have and the thought of someone stealing that makes me furious. Yes, it could have been worse but it could have been a whole lot bloomin' better too!

But I have accepted that horrible things happen in life. It's not just the ring. It's all it represents. It's all about loss. But I didn't fall into a black hole. I spluttered. I dipped. But I didn't sink.

What have I learnt?

Don't buy second hand jewellery unless you know who and where it came from. Especially not off the internet - it's most probably stolen.

People surprise you all the time - they can be meaner than you thought them capable of and kinder than you thought was possible.

Wear your favourite jewellery every day.

No matter how sad, angry, lost or disappointed we get, it is possible to surprise ourselves. Yes, I actually surprised myself! I just might be tougher than I think I am. Maybe we all are...

Salt Water Mum

A Moodscope member.

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