All about the dogs.

26 Apr 2015

Taking my regular walks along the local coastal path always does me good.

What has been lovely this past week (half term holidays) is seeing tens of children at the beach with their families, as well as the usual motley collection of dogs and their walkers (walkers, as in humans, not Zimmer frames. Now that would be a sight!).

But it has made me realise something. I've noticed that I'm quite oblivious to all the babies, toddlers and children with their buckets and spades and cute little ways. I'm all about the dogs! I'm not maternal. I'm 'caninernal'!

I stop and coo over Bella the Pug as she snorts happily at me like a little piglet. Daisy, a Cocker Spaniel, rolls on her back and allows me the privilege of tickling her tum. Spotty the Bull Dog sits heavily on my foot demanding more attention. And Leo the ShiTzu fetches his squeaky toy and plops it at my feet, snuffling excitedly.

Not to sound puffed up here, but these dogs adore me!

They don't seem to be frightened of me; there's no hiding behind mummy's legs or bursting into tears, and I don't fret that I'm saying all the wrong things to timid little Timmy and damaging the poor child for life! Nope. In fact, I'm not gonna lie, I think I speak the language of Dog.

I've always had more of a leaning towards felines than canines. Yet, now, I take myself off on my walks knowing that my heart will soar and sing as I meet and greet these delightful four-legged characters. I've never felt so cherished!

In fact, I can truly say with a confidence I'll never possess around fellow humans, that animals love me every bit as much as I love them.

Animals, the great outdoors,'s no wonder these things crop up so frequently in Moodscope posts. They are the great staples of better mental health.


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