19 Jun 2019

When did you last make alterations?

A garment maybe? ... taking up that hem, just to avoid you tripping up or adding an extra button just so it sits better. Maybe you needed to let out a seam by a centimetre or two just to help you breathe that little bit easier.

Perhaps you wanted to change a room in your home. Redecorating with a new colour on the walls to brighten up your living area. It could be a full-blown renovation and knocking through into another space by removing the wall altogether.

We all appreciate change sometimes and it can be exciting and challenging to start a new project. But when was the last time you made alterations in yourself and in your life?

I started a "Me Project" and I'm still in the process of it all. I'm adapting my life's clothing to fit me by making alterations. I'm changing my 'living' room, looking for new décor to fit my style and it's evolving with me and always open to further change. My previous alterations have been around me but never for me or in me and this project is probably one of the biggest challenges of all.

It doesn't happen by itself and its not a quick fix. I want to get it right! The garment doesn't get fixed properly without using patterns or laying out the needles and thread. The room doesn't get redecorated without planning, colour charts and mood boards. We, therefore, need to spend a bit of time thinking about what we would like to alter, making decisions, putting our thoughts into plans and then into action. It's the prep work for a good finish, the lining paper for a dress pattern, the filling and skimming and undercoat before the paint and it's always, always worth the effort.

We need to start somewhere. How about starting now? Write down your ideas for your own alterations, whether you're stitching and sewing, splashing on colour or knocking things down and watch your 'Me Project' begin.

Don't you just love it when a plan comes together?

You've got this!


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